• Age Limits

    50km Trail

    Entrants must be 18 years old to participate in this event.

    20km Trail and Mud Dadjug Challenge

    Entrants must be 16 years old to participate in these events.

    13.5km Trail

    Entrants must be 15 years old to participate in this event.

    6.4km Trail

    There is no age limit on our 6.4km trail however we do suggest being mindful of the limitations of children on unpredictable trails.

  • Aid Stations

    The 13.5km, 20km and 50km trail course stations will provide Aid Stations at points specified below.  These will be stocked with water, endurance gels, fruit, lollies and savoury snacks.

    AGL 50km Trail

    12km / 15km / 26km / 30km / 41km / 45 km

    20km Trail

    5.5km / 8.5km / 12km

    13.5km Trail


    There will be no cups provided at these stations.  Participants will be required to carry hydration device/fuel belt etc.

    The green water tanks located on the Grampians Peaks Trail in the National Park are not for public use.

  • Ambulance / First Aid

    First aid will be on site however participants are advised to have up to date ambulance cover as Peaks & Trails Inc. will not be responsible for any costs incurred if a participants requires further ambulance or medical care.


    In the event of an emergency on course please dial 000 (or 112 if you are in an area of limited/no service).

    Committee contact details are printed on the back of the race bibs and we ask that participants contact Race Hub in the event of an injury or emergency.

  • Bib Collection

    Bibs can be collected from:

    • Race Eve, Saturday 10 August at Annex Lounge (Royal Mail Hotel) from 6pm to 7.30pm
    • Race Day, Sunday 11 August at Race Hub, (Royal Mail Hotel, Dunlop Street)
    • Bibs will be allocated at race briefing for the Mud-Dadjug Challenge (previously Mt Abrupt Challenge)
  • Cancellation

    In the case of forced cancellation of Peaks & Trails, due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances (direction of Parks Victoria or other authority), there will be a 50% refund of registration. A decision like this would generally occur close to race date, at which point a considerable amount of funds would have gone towards the many areas involved in hosting such an event. No responsibility is taken by Peaks & Trails for lost travel/accommodation costs in this instance.

  • Car Parking

    Car parking is available within close proximity to the start/finish area – located 100 metres from the main street of Dunkeld. Please be aware of road closures and abide by signage for the safety of all participants, volunteers and spectators.

    Limited parking will be available at the Mud-Dadjug (Mt Abrupt) carpark on Saturday 10 August for the Mud-Dadjug Challenge. Car-pooling from the town centre would be appreciated and advised.

  • Course Maps

    These will be released in due course, please keep an eye on our socials for further updates.

    We ensure to the best of our ability that navigation issues are minimal with extensive course marking and a high number of marshals present on course.  Marshalls are located at key decision points across the courses and will direct participants as necessary.

    Our pre-race briefing will include information on the course markings however we ask for participant vigilance at all times.

  • Course Notes

    All courses have been measured using GPS technology, however may vary slightly depending on track approvals and in the event of extreme weather conditions. The course will be marked, track marshalls will be at key intersections and all efforts will be made to make it easy to follow.

  • Cut Off Times

    For the safety of participants, generous cut off times will apply however participants entering the 20km and 50km events should be well prepared.

    Participants entering the AGL 50km will need to complete the course in under 10 hours. A cut off time of 3pm will take effect at Bainggug Car Park. Please respect course marshal’s decision.

  • Gear Storage

    This will be provided in a marquee at the start/finish line on Dunlop Street (beside the Royal Mail Hotel). Bags must be clearly labelled. Peaks & Trails Inc. assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

  • Injury / Race Withdrawal

    Any injured runner should be assisted to the nearest course marshal by fellow participants. Participants unable to continue need to alert race coordinator immediately.

  • Insurance

    Participants should note that public liability insurance exists for this event, however it does not cover individual medical, ambulance cover or rescue costs. This cost is the responsibility of individual participants. Again, it is recommended to update your ambulance cover.

  • iPod / Music Devices

    iPods / music devices are strictly prohibited for all events. Participants need to be aware of their surroundings at all times on the course. Other park users and vehicles will be on the course during the event.

  • Limited Entries

    Due to the nature of certain sections along the trail entry numbers will be capped and there will be limited registrations on the day in distances not sold out.  Total entries for the event will be limited to 400 runners.

    Peaks & Trails Inc., in consultation with Parks Victoria and private landholders, will monitor numbers and will close entries on any distance deemed to have reached maximum capacity.  Participant safety is paramount.  Please follow us on Facebook / Instagram to keep up to date with these details.

  • Mandatory Gear

    A mandatory gear list is in place for the Mud-Dadjug Challenge, 13.5km, 20km & 50km trail events.

    Runner safety is paramount and in the event of high risk weather conditions, the full mandatory gear list below will be enforced. Please follow us on Facebook / Instagram to keep up to date with these details in the days leading up to the event.

    Please come prepared as we often do experience high risk weather conditions during this time of year and therefore a decision could be made race morning for full mandatory gear carry.

    • Mobile phone
    • Compression bandage
    • Capacity to carry 500ml water
    • Water / wind proof jacket with sealed seams
    • Long sleeve thermal top
    • Emergency space blanket
    • Whistle
    • Personal medical needs eg, asthma pump
    • Beanie or buff
    • Thermal gloves

    Best case scenario, runners will be required to carry at least mobile phone, compression bandage and capacity to carry 500ml of water.

    Mandatory Gear will need to be presented at the time of bib collection.

    Gear checks will be done at the finish line for all podium finishers.

  • Merchandise

    Custom Peaks & Trails Merchandise is available to purchase online.  These new items WILL NOT be available at Race Hub to purchase.


    Limited numbers and sizes of previous years tees, hats, beanies and Steigen socks will be available on race day for purchase.

  • Partners

    Without our partners, this wonderful event just wouldn’t happen. Many of these are local businesses/services that constantly support our community. Please show your appreciation by returning this support!

  • Private Land

    Some sections of the trails pass through private property. All runners must be respectful of this and leave no trace behind. Be sure to give a big thank you to these landholders if they are on site to cheer you on.

  • 2024 Prize Money


    • 1st Male & Female – $100
    • 2nd Male & Female – $50
    • 3rd Male & Female – $35


    • 1st Male & Female – $200
    • 2nd Male & Female – $100
    • 3rd Male & Female – $75


    • 1st Male & Female – $300
    • 2nd Male & Female – $150
    • 3rd Male & Female – $100

    AGL 50km

    • 1st Male & Female – $500
    • 2nd Male & Female – $250
    • 3rd Male & Female – $150

    Mud-Dadjug (Mt Abrupt) Challenge

    • 1st Male & Female – sponsor prizes
    • 2nd Male & Female – sponsor prizes
    • 3rd Male & Female – sponsor prizes

    Peaks & Trails Champion (Male & Female) – sponsor prizes

    WIN YOUR EVENT (*excluding Peaks & Trails Champion) + BREAK OUR COURSE RECORD = EXTRA $100 ON YOUR PRIZE MONEY

    Finishers in all distances will receive Peaks & Trails merchandise and there will be spot prizes awarded during the day at the Race Hub.

  • Qualification / Entry Requirement

    There are no qualification requirements for the 6km or 13.5km events. The 20km & 50km trails do not have strict entry requirements, however the following is a guide for those considering entering these distances.

    • 20km trail within 5hrs
    • 50km trail within 10hrs

    Cut off times will be strictly enforced by the course marshal on the day.

  • Race Pack

    Race packs will be emailed to all participants in the week leading up to the event. This will contain any last minute amendments or updates to course, mandatory gear, event information, etc.

  • Refund Policy / Transfers

    Registrations made during Earlybird period (1 – 15 March)

    Participants will also receive free cancellation and transfers.  This is limited to medical reasons only and must be done prior to 28 July.

    Registrations made after Earlybird period (post 15 March)

    No refund will be granted if withdrawing from event.  Entries may be transferred to another entrant or you may change the distance you are competing in.

    An admin fee of $10 will be charged for all changes.

    Please contact Peaks & Trails for instructions on how to do this.

  • Registration

    Participants are encouraged to enter online early as entry caps will apply. Please follow us on Facebook / Instagram to keep up to date on these details.

  • Results

    Race results will be available post-race through the event timing company, Alpine Timing.

    Links to the 2024 Results will be posted on our home page and Facebook / Instagram pages post event.

    Living timing will be available to view at Alpine Timing LIVE

    Wurgarri summit (Mt Sturgeon) 
    Baingugg summit (Piccaninny) 
    Mud-Dadjug summit (Mt Abrupt) 
    Signal Peak summit 
    Wannon River Road 
    Cooks Road (6.3km to home) 
  • Road Crossings

    There will be road crossings during the run events. Volunteer marshals will be in place at all road crossings and appropriate speed reductions put in place. Please obey marshals instructions and be vigilant at all times.

  • Rubbish / Shoes

    All runners are to leave zero trace of rubbish along the trail. Please respect our beautiful Gariwerd environment and private land.

    In the interests of protecting our local environment we kindly ask that participants ensure running shoes are clean before arriving to Peaks & Trails Run.  The local environment can be delicate and we always aim to protect this.

    Please give your shoes a dry brush so no foreign soil comes into our National Park and use the shoe washes on the trails as you go past.

  • Safety / Race Etiquette

    Please respect all other park users, fellow runners, course marshals and volunteers. Slower runners please allow others to pass where safe.

    With the Grampians Peaks Trails now up and running please be aware of these hikers on the trails.  Allow track users through by keeping to the left on walking tracks.

    Please be courteous and smile even if you are having a moment!

  • Start / Finish

    The start/finish line will be located on the corner of Parker Street (main street) & Dunlop Street, Dunkeld beside the Parker Street Project at the Royal Mail Hotel.

  • Sweepers

    For participant safety, sweepers will be on course for all event distances. Runners participating in the trail events are expected to leave their pack on the side of the course if leaving for any reason eg. toilet stop, so sweeper doesn’t leave any runners behind.

    Our sweepers are on course to keep you safe, please be respectful and understanding when speaking with them.

  • Terrain & Conditions

    Track surfaces will vary significantly throughout the course to include river flats, open woodland, technical loose rocky single trail, 4WD track, sand, tree roots and everything in between. Many sections of the course is single track so participant vigilance is required at all times.

    Being August, expect mud, water and slippery conditions.  Don’t expect to see much bitumen!

    We do not allow the use of strollers/prams/balance bikes on any of these trails.

  • Timetable of Events

    SAT 10 AUG

    Mud-Dadjug Challenge

    Event Check In – briefing at 11.45am

    Event Start Time (staggered) – from 12pm


    SUN 11 AUG

    Bib Collection & Event Check In starts from 6am

    AGL 50km

    Event Briefing – 6.45am

    Event Start Time – 7am


    Event Briefing – 8.15am

    Event Start Time – 8.30am


    Event Briefing – 9.15am

    Event Start Time – 9.30am


    Event Briefing – 8.30am

    Event Start Time – 8.45am

    Kids Dash

    To be confirmed


    Approximately 12.30pm

  • Toilets

    There will toilet facilities at the start/finish at the Royal Mail Hotel. The 20km & 50km runners will have access to limited toilet facilities on course.

    The toilets on the Grampians Peaks Trail within the National Park are not for public use.

  • Travel Times

    Dunkeld is a small town of approximately 700 people.  The town has a service station,  bakery and four eateries.

    Hamilton is the closest major hub and is 25mins drive away.  There are major supermarket chains, service stations, retail outlets and a selection of eateries.

    Halls Gap is a popular tourist hub and is approximately a 1hr drive north.

    Travel times (approx) from major centres are;

    • Warrnambool – 1hr 10mins
    • Ballarat – 1hr 45mins
    • Geelong – 2hrs 20mins
    • Mt Gambier – 1hr 45mins
    • Melbourne – 3hr 30mins
    • Adelaide – 5hr 30mins
  • Volunteers

    Peaks & Trails is a 100% Volunteer Powered Run.

    Our volunteer course marshals are there to assist at points along the course and maintain safety.  Please give them a smile and a big thanks as you pass them in your travels.

    These volunteers are on course to help you and keep you safe, some of them are out there for 10hrs in all types of conditions.

    We understand both the physical and mental hardships that a trail run can bring out, however please be aware Peaks & Trails WILL NOT tolerate participants being rude or demanding regardless of your circumstances.

    If you are interested in becoming a Peaks & Trails Volunteer, please email us

  • Waiver

    A legal requirement for all participants is the signing of the Peaks & Trails Inc. insurance waiver. It is essential that this be read in full prior to the event. Your understanding of the waiver will be acknowledged when registering online. Parent / Guardians will need to read and sign a waiver on behalf of any minors participating in the Peaks & Trails Run.